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Color-Coded Filing Systems

Specialized Forms & Filing Systems is Your Source for Complete Color-Coded File Systems, Including File Shelving and Filing Supplies

For over 20 years, Specialized Forms & Filing Systems has been an industry leader in color-coded filing systems. From file shelving to day-to-day filing supplies, we specialize in complete file systems; including shelving, year labels, cabinetry, and space-saving track filing units. While the computer era has led many businesses to switch to electronic filing, manual file systems are still widely popular in many industries such as car dealerships, the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, and more. Electronic filing has its advantages, but manual file systems are much more reliable, as they do not require a power source, active internet connection or a computer to power them.

Every Business Should Have a Manual File System in Addition to Their Electronic File System

There’s a saying in the computer world, “If it doesn’t exist in at least three places, it doesn’t exist at all.” The pros to computers are the fact that they are fast, efficient, and generally reliable. However, they are always prone to viruses and crashing and it happens to just about everyone at some point. It is extremely important to backup your files and data in multiple places. External hard drives and flash drives are great for computer backups but what happens if the virus has tainted the backup as well?

With a manual file system, viruses and computer crashes are not an issue. Many businesses choose to use only a manual, hard-copy file system to avoid the risk of losing everything in the event of a bad virus or catastrophic crash.

An added advantage to a manual file system is the fact that they are often more cost-effective than expensive filing software and there is much less of a learning curve to using one. How many times have you saved something on your computer only to lose the file that’s been buried in a folder somewhere on your hard drive? With a file shelving unit, your folders are color-coded and alphabetized by name, which makes organizing your files much easier and helps you to avoid misplacing them. Regardless if you have a computerized file system or not, every business should have a hard-copy, manual system as a backup. Specialized Forms & Filing Systems will help you choose the file system that is right for your needs and help get you set up with all of the supplies you will need. For those who already have a color-coded filing system in place, give us a call to see how we can help you save money on filing supplies such as color-coding labels, year labels, end tab file folders, file dividers, file carts, file boxes, shelving and more. We offer compatible products to match most of the popular color-coded filing systems on the market.

Filing Supplies

File Carts
File Folders & Chart Dividers
Color-Coded Labels


Compatible Products For:

  • VRE/GBS®
  • Colwell®
  • Medical Arts Press®
  • Sycom®
  • Histacount®
  • Amerifile®
    and many others…



We Offer:

  • Color-Coded Labels For Most Systems
  • End Tab File Folders & Pockets
  • Chart Dividers & Outguides
  • End Tab File Folder Storage Boxes
  • Open & Closed Stackable Shelving
  • Track & High Density Systems
  • File Carts
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